Tuesday News, September 27th 2011

There is however several alternatives to this problem, most people have resorted to fitting a more modest 60 GB or 96 GB SSD and then using either Network Attached Storage, Portable Drives or External Desktop Drives to expand their storage capabilities. This is still not a cheap solution and is a large compromise when you want to take your laptop places. The alternative that we are looking at today however, is a combination of a Mechanical Drive and a Solid State Drive and I do mean this quite literally. You would expect that is the perfect compromise, up to 500 GB of total storage with the performance of an SSD, we certainly hope this is the case.

You can check out our review of the same right here for comparison.

Sapphire joins the AMD mainstream APU platform provider list with the A75 Pure Platinum. A full-ATX socket FM1 mainboard for the premium user, does the A75 offer enough for the discerning system builder or enthusiast to make it their 'go to' choice for A-series APUs?

If Nero works for your company's marketing department, what kind of product names will he come up with? Pyro? Wildfire? If that is indeed the case, I think we have found the company that hired him: Patriot Memory. Jokes aside, if you look at the company's latest line of solid state drives based off the SandForce SF-2281 SATA 6Gb/s controller, this is exactly what it is, haha. Their flagship product — the Wildfire series — competes against the OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS, while the lower priced Pyro series takes on the Agility 3; which we have both reviewed in the past. Reviews on the web say the Wildfire can burn to the Vertex, but can the Pyro outdo OCZ's Agility? (Yes, all puns intended.) Read on to find out!


Sorry for being a bit delayed on this one, but it’s here none the less, and that in our eyes is better than having no driver analysis at all, don’t you agree? In terms of AMD, we all know they’ve been focussing all of their energy and most likely anger on their new range of CPU’s; Bulldozer and due to this, we haven’t seen any new graphics cards from the market leader, but that’s generally the case for this time of year and we don’t expect much else. What we do expect is occasional updates to the driver software which can fix bugs and sometimes even give a nice performance boost.

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